15 Times We Cried While Watching the Harry Potter Movies

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7. Arthur Weasley Attacked

Prior to the events of Order of the Phoenix, Professor Trelawney spoke a prophecy that a baby born at the end of July would be the one to defeat the Dark Lord. Obviously, the baby was Harry Potter (or Neville, whatever). Later, the record of this prophecy went to the Hall of Prophecy at the Ministry of Magic.

When the Order realized that Voldemort was going after it, they placed Arthur Weasley in charge of its defense.  While guarding the door to the Department of Ministries, Voldemort sent his snake, Nagini, to attack Arthur and retrieve the orb.

Though no one was around to witness the event, Harry Potter’s link to Voldemort provided him with the vision to see the attack as it was happening. As the audience, we watch from Nagini’s perspective as she dove into poor Arthur repeatedly. Immediately, Professor McGonagall takes Harry to alert the Headmaster. Through a network of paintings, Dumbledore is able to alert the Ministry in time to save Arthur.

While in recovery at St. Mungo’s, Arthur continued to lose a lot of blood. Eventually, he returned to Grimmauld Place, but he was obviously very shaken up. Throughout previous films, Arthur was always the most level-headed and optimistic. However, after he was attacked by Nagini, his tone was always a little more somber. While she didn’t succeed in killing him, she sure ruined him a little.

Movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix