15 Times We Cried While Watching the Harry Potter Movies

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3. Harry Gives Dobby a Sock

The mistreatment of mythical creatures is a hot-button issue in the wizarding world. While normal wizards don’t make a habit of being cruel, the Malfoys get a peculiar amount of enjoyment out of others’ misery.

In The Chamber of Secrets, we meet Dobby the House Elf. As far as elves are concerned, Dobby’s wide green eyes make him one of the cutest. He’s almost like a naked Yoda with a little accent. Early in the film, we don’t know what his purpose is, why he’s going out of his way to aggravate Harry Potter, or why he’s so skittish. But then, we learn that Dobby serves the Malfoys and spends a major of his time getting kicked around by Lucius Malfoy, who we learned in this film is a terrible, soulless man.

Yet, Dobby goes out of his way to contact Harry Potter and warn him about the dangers that await him at Hogwarts. He tried to warn him about the basilisk, but the Harry’s not the greatest listener.

After escaping the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter returns Tom Riddle’s diary to Lucius. Then, Lucius hands it over to Dobby to carry for him. While Lucius’ back is turned, Harry tells Dobby to open the book.

Dobby is elated when he finds an article of clothing hidden between the pages:

"“Master has given Dobby a sock. Master has presented Dobby with clothes! Dobby is freeeeee!”"

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets