Poldark: 3 Questions for Episode 8


After that episode of Poldark, there’s really one massive question, followed by two smaller, yet also important questions. Let’s break it down.

Poldark does not look good right now. Episode 7 of Season 2 has likely earned the darkest episode in the show ever, even counting any future episodes, and then PBS went and made it feel even slimier and worse than it already was.

Ahead of episode 8, let’s break down some key questions.

Is Ross the worst?

To be fair, the question puts it mildly. Although PBS edited the scene to make it appear consensual, even what’s left puts it into the territory of sexual assault. The man literally (and not metaphorically) breaks into Trenwith while Elizabeth is in a state of undress. He forces himself into her bedroom. The music grows dark and ominous. Every single thing about the scene tells us that this is wrong, and PBS could not edit that out.

Also, when Ross returns to Demelza, he drops the line “You must see I had no choice.”

Demelza backhands him in response.

Others have said it before and have said it better than we can here. Suffice it to say that Ross Poldark, no matter how handsome Aidan Turner is, no matter that he tries to have principles, raped Elizabeth.

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He is, in fact, the worst.

Will Dwight join the navy?

The answer to this question is almost certainly yes, because he certainly looks quite into the idea when young James Blamey brings the need for surgeons up. Right now, Dwight’s mental state could easily be described as scrambled. He’s still reeling from losing Caroline, and she has told him she no longer wants to read his letters, which is effectively the equivalent of unfollowing you and then blocking you for good measure.

In other words, his decision-making skills may not be on point right now. He could do some serious good in the navy, but that will also put him in quite a bit of danger. Then again, this show likes danger.

What will Demelza do now?

An underlying narrative in Season 2 of Poldark has been Demelza’s general dissatisfaction with her relationship with Ross. She has tried to keep a brave front up, but even someone like her cannot hold it all in all the time. It has been bubbling up and bubbling up for several episodes now, culminating in her knocking him to the ground after his feeble attempt at an explanation for being at Elizabeth’s all night.

This is not to excuse her behavior. Violence is not okay. What Ross did is not okay. What Demelza did is also not okay.

The preview aired after episode 7 suggests that Demelza will mostly try and distract herself by going to a ball. That won’t fix what’s wrong, but sometimes you need a little happiness.

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We sincerely hope she leaves Ross at home. Sometimes, you need to take care of yourself.

What questions do you have left after this week’s episode?

Poldark airs Sundays on PBS, with the season finale airing November 27.