Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Play Princess Leia but Deserves to Be in Everything


While Millie Bobby Brown sets her eyes on the Star Wars franchise, we’ve got a couple more ideas on where we’d like to see her pop up next.

Almost overnight, Millie Bobby Brown went from being a relatively unknown actress to one of the most cherished stars around. Seriously, nobody is safe from her charm. Not only is she adorable and a brilliant actress who made us all fall in love with Eleven, but she happens to be an excellent rapper as well. Which is to say that she can probably do anything.

Recently, she expressed interest in playing a young Princess Leia. Of course, this makes all the sense in the world. In addition to having a strong resemblance to both Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman, joining Star Wars seems like the perfect next step in her stardom. Honestly, Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and Eleven are practically identical. Or even young Natalie Portman in Leon the Professional. It’s so uncanny. I mean, maybe a young Padme is a better way to go.

With her growing star power and likability, I don’t mind seeing Millie Bobby Brown in either role. Or anywhere in the Star Wars universe. Obviously, the standalone films are just getting off the ground, but we still have two more sequel films to go.

Furthermore, there are dozens of other franchises that could use someone as brilliant and versatile as Brown. In fact, we compiled a few just for fun!

Check out some of our choices:

1. Companion on Doctor Who

The companions on Doctor Who don’t usually skew so young because that would require a lot of explanation. But we’ve seen how easily the Doctor can connect with a young person. For example, look at how the Eleventh Doctor was affected by Amelia Pond when he first met her.  It would be so much fun to watch Brown gallivant through the timeline with the Doctor.

2. Wizard in the Fantastic Beasts franchise

Now, the Harry Potter films primarily took place at Hogwarts, so we saw a ton of students. Some were more significant than others. But Fantastic Beasts take place in an adult’s world, seeing as Newt Scamander isn’t a child. Still, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t come across children and we don’t even know if Ilvermorny will make an appearance in any of the five films. Regardless, including Brown as a wizard means watching her cast spells and probably wreak some havoc. And as Stranger Things proved, watching her destroy things is pretty awesome.

3. A superhero, any superhero

While many people are experiencing some superhero fatigue right now, it’s probably because pretty much every single superhero movie looks the same. But if we make Millie Bobby Brown someone like Cassie Cain, or even Charlie Gage, a.k.a. a Robin in the DC Universe, the landscape will change. Of course, we need more female superheroes, but we also need more unique, engaging characters. That’s Brown in a nutshell.

4. Jurassic World

Okay, this one’s pretty selfish because I love dinosaurs. More imporantly, moviegoers love dinosaurs. Jurassic World made an unprecedented amount of money. Which means there will be buckets of future films. Further, we’ve already seen Millie Bobby Brown go toe-to-toe with some terrifying creatures. So, how about letting her get up close and personal with some dinosaurs? Well, as long as she does it in sneakers, right?

5. Game of Thrones

Yes, this is a no-brainer. But there’s an important detail to discuss first: If she joins Game of Thrones, she cannot be killed off. She could be a villain, sure. In fact, I’d love to see her get into an argument with Lady Mormont. How adorable would they be together? Like, in the same scenes. Or on the same counsel. Just like Brienne of Tarth has Podrick, Lady Sansa could use a squire like Brown.

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Though these are only a few examples, the point is that Millie Bobby Brown continues to work and stretch her little acting wings. Stranger Things only gives us a handful of episodes and that’s only once a year. Once you binge-watch and consume a season, there’s no more Millie left. At least, a television show would give her more screentime and a franchise nearly guarantees that she’ll work for a few years.