Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: 10 Mysteries We Hope Will Be Answered


J.K. Rowling already squelched a rumor about the Fantastic Beasts sequel. So that’s one down. Here is what we at Wizards and Whatnot hope will actually be true.

J.K. Rowling has been fielding rumors about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them since its announcement. She recently tweeted that the sequel will not be taking place shortly after this one ends, but will be heading to Paris. So instead of focusing on what’s not going to happen, let’s think about the mysteries we hope to unveil in this movie.

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1. What happened during the Dumbledore/Grindelwald showdown? Let’s get started right! Rumors have it that the movie ends with their infamous duel (and we know Johnny Depp has been appropriately cast as the spite Gellert.) But will we get to actually see how the battle went down?

2. Who will play young Dumbledore? As previously mentioned, there’s Johnny Depp in the mix. But no announcement has been made as to who’s  being given the honor of playing our beloved Headmaster. Not that fans haven’t tried to cast their favorites already.

3. Will Colin Farrell pull of a legit, good NYC period accent? Coz while some British actors are killing the game at playing Americans (coughTomHardycough), Colin Farrell still has some explaining to do from his turn in Miami Vice. I’m hoping for some real magic on this one.

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4. Is Illvermorny a better wizarding school that Hogwarts? Hmmmm, this is a tough one. My American heart wants to say yes, but I cling very tightly to my Slytherin House. This movie, and the Pottermore backstory, will hopefully make a good case for why Americans should have some Illvermorny pride.

5. Speaking of, will there be a good Slytherin in this movie? Or was that what Cursed Child was about? I’ve got some mad Slytherin pride and I need someone besides baby Albus and his daddy issues.

6. And since we’re on the topic of houses, will we finally have a heroic Hufflepuff? Newt is a Hufflepuff and while we know that Neville was the saving grace of the Battle of Hogwarts (that Matthew Lewis became the hero of both my day and night dreams.) But it would be nice to have a Hero of Hufflepuff that didn’t have to have awkward teeth and basically no friends. Or was once a glittering vampire.

7. Will we get to a young, gay Dumbledore? The revelation that Dumbledore was gay came as a shock to many. And I for one, was sad that it wasn’t revealed until after Book 7. So I’m hoping to get to see another dimension added to Dumbledore. Just take a cue from Star Trek: Beyond. Make it simple, just make it present.

8. Let’s keep it intersectional. Will we get to see a three-dimensional woman of color? If Dylan Morgan’s “Every Single Word” series  taught us anything, it’s that the British Wizarding world is extremely homogenized in terms of main players. So let’s start the American Magical World off right with President Seraphina Piquery, played by Carmen Ejogo.

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9. Will there be Magical Jazz? Because we know that there will be a speakeasy called The Blind Pig in Harlem run by a goblin named Gnarlack (played by Ron Perlman). And the musical theatre kid in me demands some good, old-fashioned ragtime.

10. Perhaps the biggest question of all, will Ron Perlman steal this whole movie, the way he always does? 

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Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them will help with some of these mysteries when it comes out Friday, November 18th.