21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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David and How Continually Terrible He Is

David is the reason that Elizabeth even had the crown. Because he wanted love over the glory the crown would have appointed him, David gave us his kingdom to Albert so that he was free to marry a divorced woman.

Back when David was to be appointed the King of England, it was forbidden to remarry if you divorced while your ex spouse was still alive. For David, he unfortunately fell in love Wallis Simpson and gave everything up for her.

On the show, he continually tries to play the martyr and acts like his family forced him into this life. He had a choice and he chose love over royalty and he continues to cry and be rude to everyone in his family because of it all. He is mean and makes fun of Elizabeth and the Queen Mother and acts like a child.

His mother, rightfully so, hates him because of what he did to Albert. His brother didn’t want to be king and he was not the next in line but David forced it on him and the stress of it all helped force Albert’s smoking habit which would eventually kill him.

David just continues to be showed in a terrible light, as he should be. And The Crown does a wonderful job of showing how terrible he really was.