21 Things That Netflix’s The Crown Gave Us To Love

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The Crown is the fictionalized telling of how Queen Elizabeth rose to power after her father (King George VI) passed away from lung cancer.

The Crown is taking the world by storm and for good reason. The Netflix original series documents the rise of power of Queen Elizabeth II after her father, King George VI, died. Though it is a story most know, The Crown is an in-depth look at the relationships in Elizabeth’s life and how she found her footing as the reigning monarch of Great Britain.

Though most of us know her as the powerful leader who seems to never enjoy herself, the show tries to show the side of Elizabeth that many of us never see. The lovable wife and mother and daughter, sister and friend to all the people in her life.

While the show is very much about Elizabeth, there are lots of other qualities to it that makes its audience want to have non-stop content. Fans all over want the second season of it as soon as they can possibly get it. And Netflix is answering that by already starting on season 2, which is the last with Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Elizabeth and Philip.

So we’re going to document 21 things that The Crown gave us that we absolutely love to enjoy. From the costumes to the relationships, we’ll list what makes this Netflix show something extremely special!