The Walking Dead Recap: “Service”


This week on The Walking Dead, we got a closer look at how Rick and the survivors are taking Negan’s newfound leadership. And it’s not well.

Okay. Let me start this off by saying, what the hell happened in Negan’s life to make him this way? He’s a monster- to put it simply. And to be honest, it’s getting annoying to watch him on screen each week. Something needs to happen. And fast.

This 90-minute episode made up for the time we’ve lost in Alexandria. It appears that everyone isn’t taking things too well. And when Negan shows up to make a surprise visit, it just gets worse. This entire episode was basically Negan being a bully. And after the election we had this week, bullying is getting really old, really fast.

This week’s side stories centered on both Michonne and Rosita, who are gearing up to be the clear fighters in this group. They want revenge. And they’re getting ready to fight. Michonne sneaks off everyday with a rifle hidden in the fireplace. She sits atop the roof of an abandoned car and waits for walkers to approach her. Taking aim, she starts firing at them. And after wasting about a dozen rounds of ammunition, she finally has to kill it with her sword. Why is she out there practicing with a rifle? Only time will tell, but I assume it’s to put one right into Negan’s head someday. She finds a dead deer and makes her trek back to Alexandria.

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Rosita and Spencer are planning to go scavenge for Negan when they run into Eugene, who’s trying to fix up a radio to give to Negan when he comes. So it’ clear that everyone is basically revolving their life around Negan now. Before Spencer and Rosita can leave though, a visitor shows up- Negan. “Little pig, little pig. Let me in,” he says while banging Lucille against the gate. Spencer opens the gate, and Negan and his crew explain that they’re here to take supplies and weapons. Daryl’s with them but when Rick tries to approach him, Negan steps in.

Dwight tasks Rosita and Spencer with finding Daryl’s motorcycle. Before they head out, Dwight takes their weapons and empties their water bottles to ensure they don’t take too long.

This is when Father Gabriel comes in, who’s the only one to remain the slightest bit hopeful in this situation. He confidently strides up to Negan, asking what he can help with. Negan wants “the sick girl.” Maggie. Father Gabriel explains that Maggie didn’t make it- she was too sick. For a moment, my heart dropped. I couldn’t believe it. How dare they kill her off screen! But then I realized this was Father Gabriel’s plan- to lie to Negan so he wouldn’t get his grimy hands on Maggie.

Now Carl. Stupid carl. This kid needs to be be restrained because he’s going to get someone killed. He points a gun at one of the saviors taking their mattresses. Negan steps in and reminds Carl, “I said half your shit, and half is what I say it is.” Carl has a lot of his father in him. I can’t tell if this is going to be a good or bad thing this season.

Rick has lost all of himself. He’s terrified of Negan and has fully gave up leadership to him. Negan threatens to kill Olivia over two missing guns. Rick goes on a rampage looking for them, tearing houses apart. He’s sick of people dying. He finally find them in a heating vent in Spencer’s home, along with some food and booze. Bringing the guns out to Negan, he spots Michonne hiding in a shed. He begs her to hand over the rifle and the deer. He doesn’t want to get caught holding anything back. Michonne finally gives in, albeit not happy about it.

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Daryl is legitimately a different person. He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t make eye contact with anyone. It’s almost like he’s going to break down in tears at any moment. He’s a shell of what he once was. Have they broken him yet? No. Will they? I sure hope not. But I need some sort of vengeance soon, or else this season is going to kill my anxiety.

Spencer and Rosita find Daryl’s motorcycle and get it back to Dwight. Rosita also finds a gun while they’re out there and stows it away for later. She’s gearing up to fight. As is Michonne. I reckon these two will be the leaders when it comes down to making a stand against Negan some day soon.

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A truth bomb was also dropped on us this week. After Negan leaves and Rick and Michonne are back in their house, Rick tells Michonne about Shane. And about him sleeping with Lori when Rick was still in a coma. Oh, and that baby Judith is definitely not his… How he knows that? Not sure. But there you have it.

This episode was tough to watch. Did it have to be 90-minutes? Probably not. All of that could have happened in 60. And I would’ve been a lot less annoyed with the characters. I’m just hoping things get better soon, and Rick and the people of Alexandria man up and take their lives back.

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The Walking Dead  premieres Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.