The Feminist Gift Guide: For Every Feminist on Your List!

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“Trans-Inclusive Feminism Forever” Tank

For: The friend who taught you about intersectionality

Price: $19.99

It has never been more important to protect trans rights than it is right now. With a totally incompetent and unpredictable administration poised to take the White House in a few months, there’s no way of knowing how trans people will be affected. Fortunately, as trans people gain more visibility, we are able to add to the army of people fighting for trans rights.

Unfortunately, though, there are self-described feminists who either actively or passively exclude trans women. Some of them just don’t consider what trans women have to go through, and as a result, leave them behind in the movement. Some truly have a problem with accepting trans women as “real” women.

Of course, the feminist you are giving this shirt to knows that that idea is gross and wrong. As she told you long ago, when you first asked her what she means by the term intersectional feminism, “If your feminism is not inclusive, it’s not feminism.” Man, how lucky are you to have a friend like her?

Needless to say, she will love this “Trans-Inclusive Feminism Forever” tank. The design comes in many different bold colors, as well as black if she’s that kind of girl. And the bold statement will be helpful in whatever hard times are ahead for all of us. It will signal to everyone who meets her what an awesome, loving person she is.

She’ll Love It If: She is currently undergoing transition; she has, quietly or loudly, railed against some ignorant person’s “women born women” crap; she is out there wearing a safety pin to show that she intends to protect all people the next four years.

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