The Feminist Gift Guide: For Every Feminist on Your List!

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“I Can and I Will” Pencils

For: The motivated boss lady feminist

Price: $8.00 for a set of 6

Some days, it’s hard to get out of bed and live your life. The amount of crap that gets handed to women every day, from every source, makes us exhausted. Whatever you endeavor to do as a woman, you get knocked down pretty frequently.

But finding the motivation to get up and work hard for what you want, despite the backlash you get, is what feminists do every day. Whether the friend receiving these pencils is making her way in a male-dominated profession, starting her own business, creating art, or raising her children, she faces every obstacle head on and plows straight through it. Her ability to jump over those hurdles with grace and determination is an inspiration. She deserves a little something that will remind her of that.

Bonus points if your friend loves Jane the Virgin! Because while the phrase stamped on these pencils is just a great mantra generally, it has strong associations with the actress Gina Rodriguez. After winning the Golden Globe for her performance in Jane the Virgin, Rodriguez spoke in her speech about how she was raised. Her father used to tell her to say every morning, “Today is going to be a great day. I can and I will.” Since she shared this story, the phrase has become very significant among her fans, motivating them to follow their dreams.

Your awesome feminist friend will love this daily reminder of her own power.

She’ll Love It If: She has a book of motivational quotes and reads them regularly; she is stuck in a rut and trying to get back on track with her dream; every time you see her, all you can think of are the terms “slay all day” and “YAS Kween!”

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