Alison Sudol Talks About Queenie’s Relationships in Fantastic Beasts


We’ve heard about Newt and Jacob’s relationship, but they are others in Fantastic Beasts. Alison Sudol talks about some of Queenie’ s connections.

During recent press events, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them cast has been out talking about the movie. While there’s been a lot of coverage of Newt Scamander’s relationship with Jacob Kowalski, what about others? Alison Sudol discussed Queenie Goldstein’s relationship with her on screen sister Tina and no-maj Jacob.

Just in case you don’t know anything about their characters, here are the short descriptions. Queenie is Porpentina’s younger sister and roommate. She’s supposed to be beautiful, free-spirited and big-hearted. Older sister “Tina” is a down-to-earth and grounded witch and former Auror. She works at the Magical Congress of the United States of America, but has a strong desire to fight for what’s right. Jacob is a newly single No-Maj (Muggle) factory worker and aspiring baker.

Queenie & Tina

According to the interview, Alison and Katherine Waterston easily slipped into the role of sisters from the start during auditions.

"[T]hey put us on a couch together and they said, “You two, you’re sisters. Go.” And we were like, “Hi, I’m Alison.” “Hi, I’m Katherine. Well okay, here we go. We’re sisters. Let’s do it.” She shifted the minute that the scene started. There was just this tremendous vulnerability in her face that she was trying to hide. It was so clear to me. I said something like, “I know you had a hard day. They just don’t see you like I see you. It’s gonna be okay.”And she looked like she was gonna cry and I didn’t know how to comfort her, so I started to braid her hair. I don’t have a sister, but it was such a natural moment. I have sisters in my life that I have chosen. It felt like that, but instantaneous. I wanted to take care of her, and I felt like she let down her guard and trusted me in that moment. It was a really special moment for both of us. In fact we both sent messages through our managers like, “I thought that was so beautiful. Thank you for going there with me.” “Thank you for being so vulnerable and open.” It just carried through throughout the rest of the movie. We didn’t even have to work on it."

Queenie & Jacob

Alison spoke about what Queenie, who specializes in the type of magic that reads other people’s feelings and memories, thinks of Jacob:

"Well he’s just a really good person. He’s really kind. He’s interested in what she has to say. There’s just a sweetness to him. There’s not a duality going on. He is a whole person. What you see coming forth is actually what he’s thinking and feeling. There’s like an innocence to him as well. And Queenie just sees all that. He’s really brave as well. He’s going on this adventure and he doesn’t have a wand like we all do. He’s just right there with them. There’s just so much to love. He doesn’t look at her like a thing. He looks at her like a human being – and she knows that because she can see what he’s thinking."

It sounds like some interesting character chemistry is in store for this movie. We’ll get to see how these actors work their relationships on screen starting November 18th when Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them opens in theaters! Their characters and faces will get even more familiar because Alison, Katherine, Dan Fogler, and Eddie Redmayne are returning in the sequel.

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