10 Things We Are All Doing To Cope During This Election Result

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Photo credit: Theo Wargo

7. Listen to Hamilton

2016 seemed promising for one thing and one thing only, Hamilton. The musical that showed us all that we are a diverse nation who was founded on the beliefs that we all were equal gave us all a sense of false hope for the rest of the country.

We all thought that days of racism and sexism were finally going to be behind us. Though we were proven wrong, the hope that Hamilton brings can still give us a sense of joy for being American. So today, listen to the soundtrack and feel that hope our founding fathers had in us as a country.

Listen to “My Shot” and think about how we can’t throw away ours. Yes, we’re a little late to try to stop Trump from getting into office but we can still fight inequality and the injustice we all face in this country. We can still hope for the better lives our founding fathers wanted for us.

Remember, one day, someone will tell our story. What we do to fix this is so important because we will be in history books. We want to fix this while we’re still slightly on the right side of history. Listen to “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” and remember that one day, someone will tell ours and we want to make it a good one.