Here Are Hillary’s Best Pantsuits From The Past 20 Years

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New York Senator and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stands on stage with daughter Chelsea acknowledging a 3-minute ovation during the Democratic National Convention 2008 at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, on August 26, 2008. In the most important speech of her political career, Hillary Clinton took center stage vowing to unite Democrats after her primary battle with Barack Obama, on the second day of the convention that will crown him as White House nominee. AFP PHOTO / Stan HONDA (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

PANT SUIT NINE: O is for Orange and Standing Ovation

In August 2008, Hillary Clinton hit the stage  at the Democratic National Convention to concede the nomination to Barack Obama. Her daughter Chelsea joined her on stage as she received a much-deserved standing ovation. Chelsea chose a black suit top with a pencil skirt while Hillary decided to stick to a brightly colored pantsuit–as she does. Hillary obviously received the warm recognition because she’s just plain awesome, but I can’t help but think the audience was also excited to see Hillary staying true to herself after a long race. She gave the most important speech of her career (up to that point) and proved yet again that she’s a class act.

After this failed 2008 Presidential campaign, Hillary could’ve given up, but she didn’t. She became the Secretary of State, helping President Obama with foreign policy-related decisions and further cementing her role in the history books. Does this woman ever quit? The answer is most obviously “No”. Maybe they’ll put one of her pantsuits in a museum to commemorate her long support of the pantsuit as a fashion choice. After all, she might just be the first female President of the United States. And that’s surely something to commemorate and remember for the rest of time, right?