American Shoppers are Boycotting Ivanka Trump’s Brand


Frustrated voters are calling to boycott Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand due to her active role in her father’s presidential campaign.

It’s hard to recall the days before the 2016 presidential election kicked off, but before she was campaigning for her father, Ivanka Trump was just a businesswoman with her own fashion line. Trump’s moderately priced clothing and accessories, targeted towards working millennial women, are available at stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Dillard’s. Her brand is a subsidiary of her father’s company, Trump Inc.

Ivanka’s popular brand is starting to take a hit in the final days of the election thanks to a boycott sparked by one Nordstrom shopper on Twitter last month. A Twitter user under the handle @SheWhoVotes posted an open letter on October 25 asking Nordstrom to stop carrying the Trump brand.

The letter and its accompanying hashtag #GrabYourWallet have picked up steam in the last several days, thank in part to many celebrities sharing it. The hashtag campaign has garnered over 119 million impressions on Twitter and is generating a lot of buzz on both sides of the aisle.

Those supporting the boycott say that Ivanka doesn’t just happen to be a presidential candidate’s daughter, but that she is extremely active in the campaign and is playing a vital role in helping her father get elected. She has become one of his closest advisors and has done several interviews in which she has defended her father and made excuses for the terrible things he has said. Ivanka also has her own share of issues relating to her brand, like the allegations that her shoes are made in Chinese sweat shops that abuse their workers and that she profits from the work being done by her unpaid interns.

Boycotting Ivanka Trump’s brand is one way to show the Trump family how most Americans feel about the hateful campaign Donald is running. Since her brand is a subsidiary of his, the hope is that this boycott will effect him financially. Boycotters are pressuring the 21 retailers that carry her line, with many people boycotting all of those stores entirely until they agree to pull Trump branded products from the shelves.

Ivanka has defended herself and her clothing line, saying she aims to empower women with her brand, and that she doesn’t want to politicize her message. If she didn’t want to get political then perhaps she shouldn’t have joined a political campaign. Some people believe she is directly profiting from the campaign trail by wearing and marketing her own clothing at events.

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It’s hard to say if a boycott like this will have any real effect at this point, but it’s never a bad thing when the American people use their freedoms to make an important point. With just a few days until the polls close, you never know what can happen.