13 Reasons Hillary Clinton Will Make America Great Again… For Women

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IN FLIGHT, UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 06: Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the media aboard her campaign plane on September 6, 2016 while in flight from White Plains, New York. Clinton is traveling to campaign in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

She wants to end conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to end conversion therapy, the practice in which an LGBTQ+ youth is subjecting to counseling to try and change their sexual preference.

"“LGBT kids don’t need to be cured of anything. They just need to be accepted and embraced and respected.“"

This vastly differs from Donald Trump’s running mate and his idea of attempting to control queer youth. Mike Pence, a knowingly homophobic man, wanted to divert funding from HIV prevention to conversion therapy while he was a Congressional candidate in 2000. And Clinton isn’t having it. She stands with queer and questioning young, making note that they don’t need to change, they just need the love and support of the people around them. Having a president like Clinton will ensure that girls growing up questioning their sexuality have a safe place to do so and won’t be subjected to therapy attempting to alter them.

She’s also brought up heavy gun restriction laws, noting the largest mass shooting that happened in Orlando at Pulse. “We are going to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands so that what happened in Orlando can never happen again.