Caturday Blogging: 10 Cats Who May Be Smarter Than Donald Trump

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5. A Cat Who Doesn’t Know

Here is a cat, unnamed in the video but still adorable, who sounds like it is saying it doesn’t know what’s going on or what it’s talking about. We have all probably experienced those moments, and so can sympathize with a cat who just does not know what is going on.

Although Donald Trump claims to have the best words, and that the best word is stupid, simply reading the full quote in question appears to prove that he does not have the best words. Politico has put together a list of 37 gaffes through August that should have killed his campaign, which also seem to prove that he does not know the best words.

Additionally, he has bragged that he knows more than generals, has a secret plan to defeat ISIL, and…will also ask generals for assistance in devising a plan to defeat ISIL.

It appears that this cat has learned Confucius well. The philosopher once wrote, “To know, is to know that you know nothing, that is the meaning of true knowledge.”

In other words, “You know nothing, cat…and that’s okay.”

This is a wise lesson that everyone should contemplate…and then probably just throw up your hands and say “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”