Outlander Sam Heughan Talks About Making Season 2 and 3


Our favorite hero from Outlander, Sam Heughan recently sat down with Vanity Fair and spilled some juicy secrets from Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3.

Sam Heughan has spent the better part of the year filming Outlander and other movie projects. He recently took a break from filming Season 3 of Outlander to sit down with Vanity Fair and dish about Season 2 and what to expect in Season 3.

Sam Heughan was asked about his favorite scene that never made it to the screen. He jumped at the chance to talk about the deleted scene in the Season 2 Episode ‘Faith.’ It had made the rounds on social media but has been pulled by Sony. The only place you will get to see the Season 2 deleted scenes is on the DVD/Blu-Ray that will be released Nov 1st.

"I certainly know that I really felt very strong in that scene. I felt that it was a very awkward place for Jamie to be that will have some sort of repercussion—even now in Season 3."

Heughan is right. Claire is not one to rub someone’s nose in their foibles, but this was huge. His hatred for Randal put Claire in a situation where Claire could have died. I think as time goes on Claire understands Jamie could not have done anything to save Faith. Unfortunately, Jamie will not know that and will regularly beat himself up about it. The only place you will get to see the season 2 deleted scenes is on the DVD/Blu-Ray that will be released Nov 1st.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JUNE 06: Actors Sam Heughan (L) and Caitriona Balfe attend The Paley Center for Media presents The Artistry of ‘Outlander’ at The Paley Center for Media on June 6, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Paley Center)

Heughan was asked about the epic fight between Dougal, Claire and himself and how he felt about the difference from the book.

"We actually shot several alternate endings to the fight because, obviously, in the book, Claire isn’t complicit. We thought, Jamie and Claire are a couple and they need to be both guilty of this deed. It’s not that Claire wants to kill anyone—she’s not a killer, she’s a hero—but she wants to aid Jamie and she basically ends up being complicit in the death of Dougal."

As a book reader, I have always felt Claire should have been more active in the killing of Dougal. Claire is the healer and the savior for the book and television series. This does not mean Claire has not killed. Granted she only kills a person to save Jamie or herself. It would make sense she would help Jamie kill Dougal if she was in the room. I feel like the show fixed this part of the book to show Jamie and Claire are in this together.

Of course, the interview would not be complete without trying to get some season three spoilers out of Sam. He gives a few tidbits to chew over. If you do not like to read spoilers, skip this part. Book readers know Claire and Jamie will spend the begin of Season 3 apart. They have also aged. Heughan has let it slip that he has spent many hours in the makeup chair for Season 3. Heughan told Vanity Fair he misses filming with his Outlander wife, Caitriona Balfe.

"It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion—if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion—well you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special."

Sam Heughan is currently filming Season 3 of Outlander for Starz. No premiere date as of yet but we will let you know as soon as it is announced.

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Tell us in the comments are you glad Claire was complicit in Dougal’s death or do you think they should stick to the book.