10 Ways To Stay Sane For National Novel Writing Month

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Find Your Most Creative Time Of Day To Reach Your Word Count Goal

We all have different times of the day when we feel our most productive. Are you an early bird who gets the worm? Or do you fall into the night owl category, typing away at midnight?

So find the best time of day for you to just sit and write. Because nearly 1,700 words a day to stay on track becomes daunting if you think about it too long.

If you find yourself a morning person, get up a little earlier before school or work and just let the words out. Even if it’s only a handful of them, tiny bursts of writing like that add up. Night owl? Carve out some time around your usual evening routine to write a page or two.

Often distracted by the wonder that is the Internet? Maybe unplug for a bit. Take your laptop off of wifi and keep the distractions to a minimum. Disconnecting not good enough? Take it old school. Pull out a notebook and write away.

Just remember: it doesn’t matter if it’s ten words or a hundred or a thousand. Every single word counts. Figure out the time of day that works best for your creative output and write like the wind.