And Then There Were Some: Looking Ahead On AHS6


After last week’s bloodbath, we know American Horror Story: Roanoke is living up to its promise of terror- but we don’t know who, or what, is next.

Here’s the thing, guys. Last week’s episode went real far, REAL fast. We knew everyone (except one!) was gonna die, but, as I predicted, actually watching the deaths was shocking, gruesome, horrifying, and tbh very, very exciting. We’re only a few episodes from the bloody end, and based on the way things have been going, we’re not remotely prepared for where we’ll finish. But that hasn’t stopped us from conjecture in the past, and it sure won’t stop us now!

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Why is Lana Winters coming back?!

In the Most Important News Announcement of the 21st Century, Ryan Murphy took to Twitter to tell us that Lana Winters, gay lady journalist queen ultimate survivor from season 2, will be returning to Roanoke. I am fine. But mostly, I am not fine AND I need to know who, what, where, when, and why. Season 2 (Asylum) took place mostly in 1964, though in the last episode, we jump forward to present day (around 2013), where Lana Winters, as an old woman, wraps everything up. That means that, if she comes back for real (as opposed to in some kind of weird crossover flashback), she should be very old. As such, what is her business travelling to North Carolina?! She’s lived a long, full, harrowing life. Take a break, woman! Get out of here! Except don’t really please be in every season forever. But seriously, does she come back as a reporter? Is she around to interview the lone survivor, or maybe to host a special (a THIRD show-within-a-show, perhaps) about the first two shows-within-a-show? Will she serve as a hub, connecting this season back to past seasons and furthering our understanding of AHS’s interconnected universe?! Only time will tell. Time, and maybe more Ryan Murphy tweets.

How will the lone survivor escape this?

These people are turning on each other, and they’re also dropping like damn flies. Shelby has brutally murdered Matt. Dominic is seemingly only concerned with making good TV, and subsequently getting paid. Rory’s been killed and strung up, bloody and torn open, in a tree. Agnes has gone on a cleavering (IT’S A WORD NOW!!!!) spree. Lee, Audrey, and Monet are at the mercy of the Polks and their Mama. And Sidney has- rightfully- been offed. So we’re really only dealing with a handful of cast members at this point. And, as we know one of them is destined to stay alive, it’s starting to becoming less clear and more anxiety-inducing thinking about how that one will make it. Though Sidney’s gone, the studio seemingly still has a responsibility to protect the cast. Will they be able to help at all, or will it be too late? And, once again, I’ll ask- WILL SARAH PAULSON RE-ESTABLISH HER PLACE AS ULTIMATE SURVIVOR? Fingers crossed!


What’s the next twist?!!

We’ve been promised ANOTHER season-changing twist right before Chapter 10, the finale, and honestly, with what’s been going on, I have zero concrete guesses. But that’s not gonna stop me from making them! With our new Lana Winters knowledge, and because this season has been presented as commentary on our relationship to television and its context within reality, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility to assume that ANOTHER show (maybe a 60 Minutes-esque special??) could pop up in the finale. A hypothetical one-on-one interview between Lana Winters and the Lone Survivor is intriguing, to put it mildly. And the possibility that it’ll be between Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) and Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson) is BEYOND comprehension. Either way, whoever survives and whatever twisty turn emerges, one thing is for sure: this is the best “reality” television I’ve EVER seen.

Tune in to witness the bloody race to the finish Wednesdays at 10PM, E.T. on FX.