11 Must-See Movies of November

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Manchester By the Sea (November 18th)

Synopsis: A wayward man (Casey Affleck) is forced to grow up after he’s declared the guardian to his nephew (Lucas Hedges).

Director Kenneth Lonergan is a name well-known to critics. His magnum opus, 2011’s Margaret, ended up several critics – including Roger Ebert’s – Best Of list that year despite legal issues that kept the film away from audiences for years. He’s returned with Manchester By the Sea, a devastatingly aching drama many critics are proclaiming as this year’s Best Picture. Heavy praise has also been heaped on star Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, with possible acting awards going to the both of them.

Based on past precedent, Williams could see another Best Supporting Actress Oscar next year. Boasting a 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, there’s a lot of hope behind the project that’s ridden since its run on the festival circuit last year. With all the heavy positivity surrounding the film, Roadside Attractions is gearing up for serious Oscar campaigning. It’s easily assumed this will get more eyeballs than Margaret did – inspiring audiences to see Lonergan’s past work as well as this one. If you can’t tell by now, this is the film to see if you’re at all interested in next year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

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