13 Horror Movie Heroines That Kick Butt

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Alice (Milla Jovovich) in Resident Evil (Image via Screen Gems)

7.) Alice (Resident Evil)

Where some of the horror movie women on this list only appear in a few movie in their respective franchises, Alice has the distinction of appearing in six consecutive Resident Evil films. Despite the fact that her character doesn’t appear in the Resident Evil video games that gave rise to the film franchise, Alice has quickly become a lynchpin of the entire series.

In the first Resident Evil film, Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up in an amnesiac daze. She compliantly ventures into the Hive, a terrifying underground complex housing an evil computer and a zombie virus. If you haven’t guessed already, the Resident Evil films are generally a lot of fun, but enjoying them takes a certain amount of suspension of disbelief and love for the unselfconsciously cheesy.

Despite the awkward start, Alice soon becomes a superpowered horror movie hero. After her exposure to the zombie-fying T-virus, Alice effectively gains superpowers. She’s far stronger than her peers, faster, and considerably more agile. Despite the now apocalyptic landscape and increasingly baroque machinations of her enemies, Alice thrives in the Resident Evil universe.

If you continue on with the series, you’ll also enjoy: Alice gains telekinetic powers, a new somewhat evil supercomputer, and an army of Alice clones. The series also includes a respectable array of capable secondary female characters, such as Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, both lifted from the video games.