30 Woman-Friendly Horror Movies for the Thrill-Seeking Feminist

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Honeymoon, Screencap via Fewlas Entertainment/Magnolia Pictures

Sub-Genre: Supernatural

What it’s about: Right after their wedding, newlyweds Bea and Paul head off to their honeymoon. In order to get away from the city, they decide to spend some time in Bea’s family’s cabin in the woods. They expect to spend their time boating, fishing, and relaxing with each other. But after a strange encounter with an old friend of Bea’s and his wife, and after the bizarre incident that occurs that night, Bea starts to feel and act different. She insists that she’s fine, but their problems increase to the point that Paul goes to extreme measures to find out what’s wrong.

What makes it feminist: Honeymoon is the first feature film to be co-written and directed by Leigh Janiak. Janiak is part of a new class of women taking over the modern horror scene, and her work in Honeymoon earned her a job directing the remake of The Craft. Having a woman at the helm of its creative decisions contributed to choices that made the film really stand out in the genre, like its extensive characterization and its slow-building tension.

Bea, played by Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones fame, is portrayed in the beginning as bright and playful, but also capable. We’ve seen many scenes in movies of every genre in which some man teaches an un-experienced woman some type of skill. Honeymoon subverts this by making Bea the one teaching Paul.

It’s difficult to discuss the latter part of the film without spoilers, but it’s worth it to note that Bea exhibits extreme strength. She fights against supernatural forces to protect the person she loves. To say more would be to ruin it, so just check it out!

Trigger Warning: There are a few pretty disturbing images in Honeymoon. There is no on-screen rape – indeed, no real confirmation of rape occurring at all – but if you are triggered by rape and sexual assault, some of these images may bother you and you may want to skip it.