How to Get Away with Murder Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Nobody Likes Wes


Tonight on How to Get Away with Murder, plenty of characters made poor decisions, Annalise tried to get back to being Annalise, and nobody liked Wes.

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the October 27 episode of How to Get Away with Murder. Read at your own risk!

As per usual, we start in the flash-forward. Michaela gives Asher a call, but he doesn’t answer. She then tells her mom not to steal anything.

3 weeks earlier, Annalise and Bonnie argue, but then Bonnie pulls out a recording of Frank confessing to the murder. Unfortunately, there’s no way to use it. Annalise denies hiring the hitman, then yells at Bonnie. Meggy gives Laurel a call, and then Wes finds out that the cops are at his apartment.

The cops are from New York, and Laurel tells Meggy to tell the cops that Wes is at the library. Although Wes wants to go talk to the cops, Annalise stops him, takes his phone, and then threatens to chain him in the basement like Rebecca if he tries to leave.

Asher puts on “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” but Michaela wants none of it. (Would anyone?) He says he wants to know what they are, and then Connor walks in in Michaela’s robe. Since Asher doesn’t get an answer, he insists that they’re done. Looks like Connor has a new friend in the My-Relationship-is-Dead club!

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×06. Image via ABC.

The next morning, Wes tells Meggy a bit about the Mahoney’s death on the phone, although he doesn’t say Mahoney is his dad. When Bonnie walks in, Annalise says they have to babysit each other. We see no reason why this might fail.

To get her license back, Annalise has to behave ethically, stop drinking, and go to AA meetings. She gets just two strikes before she’s out. She signs nevertheless.

Simon Drake, Smarmy Student…and Good Student

Wes casually snipes at Bonnie, and she snaps back that he bears plenty of responsibility for everything that’s happened to Annalise. The rest of the Keating 5 walk out of their exam, and when Drake tries to get on the conversation, Michaela has none of it.

Our case of the week is Dani Alvodar, a veteran charged with slicing a man’s neck open. Drake proposes the PTSD defense, and he gets first chair.

In walks President Hargrove. After class, she promises not to bring up sobriety…but then brings up the fact that the NYPD are looking for Wes. Annalise pretends to know nothing about it.

We cut to Annalise telling the rest of the Keating 5 about Wallace Mahoney. She insists that they’ll get through it and they’re good people. No one really seems to believe her.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×06. Image via ABC.

That night, Bonnie says she’s secured a lawyer for Wes. Although she tries to defend Frank, Annalise has no patience for it and tells her to get out.

In silence, Bonnie walks past Wes, only to find Laurel in the vestibule. Although Laurel presses for information, she ends up having to leave another voicemail for Frank, asking if he really gave the police Wes’ name to spark the investigation.

This time, though, we see him listening to it. She did go straight for the guilt trip, and so he starts the car.


In court, Michaela pulls a Mean Girls and insists Laurel can’t sit with them. The Keating 3 then heckle Simon. Meanwhile, ADA Atwood walks in, taunts Annalise, and Annalise then tells Drake she’s doing the cross-examination now.

During her cross, Annalise earns plenty of objections. Everyone exchanges pained looks, except for ADA Atwood, who just looks smug. In the bathroom, Michaela walks in on Annalise munching on some chips. She has information from Dani’s girlfriend: the day she was attacked in Afghanistan? She was on a desk job. It didn’t happen to her. Annalise cannot put her on the stand.

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Connor goes to visit Wes at Annalise’s house. He blames Wes for everything. Then, just to be sure Wes knows what’s up, he threatens to kill Wes should his name be given to the police.

In a parking garage, Nate asks Annalise where Wes is. He then confesses that he and Atwood are together. She thanks him for telling her, but she sounds like she really doesn’t like any of these developments.

Relationships Don’t End Well On This Show, Ever

At a late-night work session, Michaela arranges a date for Oliver with an acupuncturist. Asher brags about his latest conquest. Connor walks in to hear about the Oliver developments.

When Wes presents Annalise with an idea about turning Frank in, she ends up telling him about her lost child. Annalise says she just wanted to be a better person after he apologizes for causing so much trouble.

Connor does not handle news of Oliver’s date well, but Oliver says that he is allowed to see other people.

The next morning, Annalise asks Bonnie for help. Meanwhile, we see Bonnie going to the Veterans’ Affairs department. On the stand, Dani starts telling her story.

In rushes Bonnie with her VA findings. When they go to the judges’ chambers, Annalise says that Dani has perjured herself and says that she can’t not tell the judge about this.

Meggy visits Wes, and he tries to start the breakup conversation. Although she says she loves him, he says she has to go. She does.

Still from How to Get Away with Murder 3×06. Image via ABC.

In a meeting with Dani, Annalise discusses the deal the ADA has offered. It means getting kicked out of the reserves, but she doesn’t go to prison at all.

That night, Oliver’s date with the acupuncturist. involves kissing outside his apartment door. Before Oliver can get to the confession that he’s HIV-positive, Thomas says that he wants to see him again.

Asher stops by Michaela’s, and it turns out his date was fake. He really wants to know her, and then he says that she’s family, just not in the “gross sister way”. She says she never had a family. He insists he likes her and wants to be there for her.

She says okay, she likes him too, and kissing ensues.

Meanwhile, Annalise and Bonnie meet Vince in the vestibule. Wes didn’t answer the door, and he has taken his phone from her desk.

He goes to see Laurel, and he destroys the recording Bonnie made of Frank’s confession. Laurel insists she isn’t in love with Frank. She kisses Wes, and then he says he broke up with Meggy. They kiss and start removing clothes. (I guess Laurel likes Wes, at least.) Meanwhile, Michaela and Asher are in bed together as well.

Annalise calls Laurel. Neither she nor Bonnie have found Wes just yet.

Connor walks in on Asher and Michaela to show them the news: someone has been arrested for the murder of Wallace Mahoney. He then calls Annalise to tell her. Laurel sees a voicemail from Annalise the next morning, but we learn that Frank framed Wallace Mahoney’s legitimate son, Charles.

3 weeks later, Michaela goes to Asher’s dorm, and then sees him partying with his freshmen. Asher was supposed to be with Connor, but says that Annalise called them over. “Is someone really dead?” he asks.

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2 episodes remain until we find out who’s under the sheet. Next week, it sounds like someone will betray Annalise.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays on ABC.