The 17 Most Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

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Jane Doe

No, I refuse to call her Alice Kruger, or Remi, or even Taylor Shaw for that matter. Jane Doe will always be Jane Doe in my mind. From the show, Blindspot, Jane was found in the middle of Times Square covered in tattoos. And tattoos that made absolutely no sense. Until the FBI finds her, and Patterson cracks them.

It turns out, her tattoos are clues leading the FBI to specific disasters that are about to happen. Jane remembers nothing from her past, as she was drugged before placed in Times Square. But episode-by-episode, little things come back to her- like her ninja ass-kicking skills, her ability to speak multiple languages, her helicopter and plane piloting talents, and her way to outsmart pretty much everyone.

She starts off as a very introverted person but quickly learns she’s far from that. She constantly has her eyes and ears open, listening and watching everything that happens in her surroundings. It’s finally revealed that she was part of the Navy Seals before her memory was wiped, explaining her skill set. But now she’s torn between her old family and her new family.

This costume would be easy, but it may take a few days to wash off. Cover your body with mysterious looking temporary tattoos, and you’ve just become Jane Doe.