The 17 Most Feminist Halloween Costumes For 2016

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Alex Parrish

Alex Parrish. Former top recruit at Quantico, but also the main suspect in a Grand Central Station bombing. Season 1 of Quantico followed her journey to try and disprove that she was the culprit. Now, Season 2 follows the story of her new home in the CIA.

She originally joined the FBI because of her father. He had secrets to unravel and she was never one to forego unraveling them. Once she got to Quantico, she quickly escalating to the top recruit for her skillset and her smarts. Alex has an ability to read people the minute she crosses the, which dictates her relationships with them. She is cool, charismatic, charming, and fierce. She is an Indian-American heroine that fans have been waiting for.

The actress behind the character, Priyanka Chopra, owes a lot of her abitity to her father. She follows a saying that he lives by: “As a girl, you should not be someone who tries to fit into a glass slipper. You should shatter the glass ceiling.

And does she ever. So, get yourself the typical Quantico recruit gear- khaki pants, blue shirt, and don’t forget the red-handled gun. You can be badass Alex Parrish too.