How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Brett and Harris

They don’t even know an election is happening. They’re too high to realize that anything of importance is going on in the world. Unless a candidate says they’ll legalize pot. Then Brett and Harris are taking to the polls to vote for that person.

Otherwise, the two would stay in their animal control box (even though they got fired and reapplied for the same job) and just watch YouTube videos. They probably made some stupid mash-up video of Trump saying dumb things because they think it’s funny.

They don’t really care about politics or the election or anything really so they don’t go and vote on November 8th. They do go get free food and drinks at Leslie’s party but when she finds out they didn’t vote at all, she makes them leave. Taking food with them, they go but they still don’t know what’s going on.

Harris probably hits on April again at the party and Brett gets cornered by Andy talking about Mouse Rat but they think it’s just a party for someone’s birthday or another wedding. Because, let’s be real, this election would not affect either of them. Nothing really affects either of them. So they just don’t vote at all.