How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Jennifer Barkley

Jennifer Barkley definitely works on the Trump campaign. That doesn’t mean she’s voting for him but she’ll work for him because it’s a challenge for her. Trying to work his image into a better light? It’s a difficulty she can’t pass up. Though she’s also helping Ben still, she takes this time to be in Washington D.C to try and make Trump a passable candidate.

When she realizes that it’s virtually impossible, she is just in it for the money. Because Trump would pay her an arm and a leg to work on his campaign and Jennifer Barkley never turns down money. That much has been made clear. She works for anyone as long as they pay her enough.

Melania is the definition of the politician’s wife that Jennifer wanted. She’ll say whatever you put in front of her, even a speech that the First Lady said in 2008. So she just does what she has to do to get paid at the end of the day but she probably goes and votes for Clinton on Election Day. She’s a woman in politics after all and she knows how terrible the men can be. So Hillary gets her vote but she totally works for the Trump campaign.