How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Diane Lewis

Diane Lewis, Ron’s lovely new wife and mother to two beautiful girls and John Swanson, would vote for Hillary and help Leslie volunteer. Ron wouldn’t tell her no, he’s not that kind of man, but he would be less than pleased that Diane was openly helping a candidate win.

It’s still part of the government and even though it is a civic duty to vote, it doesn’t mean he has to like it. So when Diane comes home in a Clinton shirt one day, he shuts his mouth because Diane can do as she pleases. Plus Ron is secretly a little afraid of all the women in his life.

She doesn’t do too much, just enough to help in her free time. Because Diane knows that a world where Trump was president would be bad for her girls and she doesn’t want that to become a reality. Her daughters mean everything to her, that much was clear when she started dating Ron, and she’d do whatever to make their lives better.

So, Diane helps out and goes to Leslie’s party, dragging along Ron and making him watch the election results with his friends. Even if he refuses to wear the shirt Leslie got him.