How 36 Parks And Recreation Characters Feel About This Election

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Chris Traeger

Oh Chris Traeger is voting for Gary Johnson. Or some other third party candidate. Everyone would just assume he’s voting for Hillary but he’d bring up points on Stein and Johnson and explain to anyone and everyone why he likes them. Since he’s not in Pawnee, he wouldn’t have Leslie and Ben telling him that it was a terrible idea to vote third party, so he’d do it just for his own beliefs.

Obviously his vote wouldn’t matter since voting third party is a literal joke but Chris likes to think he’s helping the underdog. Even when it is really neither the time nor the place to root for the underdog.

So when Leslie is FaceTiming Ann about the election, she doesn’t talk to Chris about it. Because until she knows whether or not Hillary won, Traeger is the enemy to her. He tries to explain it to Leslie but Ben just casually tells him to wait it out because Ben knows better than anyone that it takes a lot to change Leslie’s mind, especially when it comes to politics.

But Chris would be happy in his vote because he stuck to his morals and voted for someone he believed in.