The New Books Roundup, October 25: Glitter and Vampires, But Not Together


For this week’s new books roundup, we’ll take a look at a little fantasy, a little Glitter, and some vampires, though not all in the same book.

This week’s new books roundup includes some very Halloween-appropriate novels for your reading pleasure.  We have a nearly-full slate today of four books, with the usual group of honorable mentions as well. Between vampires, costumes, straight-up fantasy, and a little romance, we think you’ll find something to enjoy.

Each book title links to its Amazon listing, and Goodreads review links also appear in each full book entry. That all said, let’s get to it!


Aprilynne Pike, author of the Wings series, has returned with this fresh YA novel. When your tagline is “Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette,” that sounds like a good time. In the near future, the palace of Versailles plays host to a group of people who live as though it’s still the eighteenth century. Our protagonist, Danica, has just six months to escape this world before she’s married off to the king after some blackmail in the first place. Her solution? Dealing the drug glitter to make enough money to get out. Just call her Danica White, right? Goodreads praises the unique concept, and Danica as an anti-hero. Random House; hardcover, 384 pages; list price: $17.99.

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The Blood Mirror

Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer series continues with this fourth entry. Only four Satrapies remain, and none of them can withstand the might of the White King. Former Emperor Gavin Guile has no magic and has found himself in a prison of his own design. The White Horde continues to grow, and Kip Guile will try to stop it, but can anything stop this? Besides, who is the Lightbringer? This book will lead into the fifth, as already announced by Weeks himself. Goodreads reviews like the plot twists and say that it lives up to some high expectations. Orbit; hardcover, 704 pages; list price: $28.00.

Certain Dark Things

Did we not promise you vampires? We promised you vampires. This novel comes from Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Set in Mexico City, we follow young street kid Domingo as he meets Atl, a vampire who’s on her way to South America to escape another clan of vampires. She doesn’t plan to start caring about the young man aside from as another meal, but things change. Throw in police detective Ana, who ends up getting involved in vampire rivalries, and you have a paranormal noir novel with plenty of blood. Goodreads likes the multiple points of view, the Aztec mythology influences, and its fresh take on vampires, who somehow still haven’t reached the saturation point just yet. Thomas Dunne Books; hardcover, 336 pages; list price: $25.99.

While the Duke was Sleeping

For a change of pace, we’ve also included historical romance this week. Sophie Jordan’s kicks off her The Rogue Files series with this book. It features Poppy Fairchurch, a shopgirl mistaken for a duke’s fiancée by everyone after she saves him from an accident. For bonus points, she’s developed a bit of a tendre for said duke. When the duke falls into a coma, his Scottish half-brother, Struan Mackenzie, arrives. That’s right: another Scottish hero, with the bonus of a commoner romance. Yes, it’s also a take on the film While You Were SleepingGoodreads, however, praises the character building for both Poppy and Struan. Avon; paperback, 384 pages; list price: $7.99.

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Also out this week is the Pusheen Coloring Book, for when you need some cute cats to color. The next Richard Castle novel, High Heat, also hits bookstores this week, even though Castle sadly got the axe from TV.

What new books are on your to-read list this week?