31 Times Gilmore Girls Had the Best Representation of Female Friendship

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27. Lane Finds Her Passion

Season 2, Episode 20 “Help Wanted”

Lane has always loved music, but she finally discovers her true calling in season two when a new music store opens in Stars Hollow. Lane sees a red drum kit and it is love at first sight. She has to play. Except she can’t because of her strict mother and the fact that she doesn’t know her dutiful daughter is in love with rock-n-roll.

Enter Sophie (Carol King). Sophie is everything Lane wants to be. She’s lived in New York, she’s written music, she’s owns a music store, and she’s cool and bohemian. She pretends not to, but she takes an interest in Lane. Sophie is the first person outside of Lorelai and Rory who really fosters Lane’s passion. She lets her practice when the store is closed and encourages her band on the day of their first major gig.

It is important to have friends who are also role models in your life. Lane looks up to Sophie and Sophie is worth idolizing. She helps Lane in ways that her own mother does not. Many of the relationships in Gilmore Girls revolve around the pursuit of dreams. While Lane’s dreams do not go exactly as planned, she is lucky to have Sophie to give her a start.