Twitter Knew Exactly How You Felt Last Night Watching The Walking Dead


Last nights episode of The Walking Dead was the bloodiest yet, and Twitter was alive with tweets any fan can relate to.

The long anticipated premier of Season 7 came and went last night but the tweets of fan reactions live on under the hashtag #TheWalkingDead.

First, it was clear this episode was going to be unlike any other episode so far.

The first half began with us not knowing whose skull got bashed in. The Walking Dead was going to drag this on for as long as possible, and fans were impatient.

Finally, we find out its Abraham.

After Negan tormented Rosita with the blood of the man she once loved, Daryl couldn’t stand it. He launched himself at Negan, showing his complete rage towards him. Fans knew that wasn’t a good idea. So did Daryl Dixon, himself.

Negan won’t allow that, so he picks his next victim. Glenn.

Fans rioted. Fans cried. Glenn had been there since the first episode of the first season. He’s constantly made it through near death moments, only to be killed because of Daryl’s temper.

And of course, our hearts went out to Maggie and the baby.

So, it’s no surprise that Negan is our new enemy.

And some people are even swearing off the show forever.

Like, really.

Some people can’t function properly in society anymore.

After a sixth season with falling numbers, Season 7 was expected to come back in full force. They were hoping to get their numbers back up in anticipation of a renewed eighth season. But some think they took it too far.

But either way, the show will go on. And Rick’s crew is under Negan’s ruling now.

The Walking Dead knew it was a tough episode for everyone, so they tried to make things a little better.

But this morning was still hard.

Up until now, no episode of The Walking Dead has left a mark quite like this one. But there’s still an entire season to go.

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