5 Things You Need To Know About ‘Rectify’

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Photo: SundanceTV

4. Ray McKinnon Is A Creative Genius

You probably recognize Ray McKinnon from his acting gigs. He’s been in some pretty popular stuff: The Blind Side, O Brother Where Art Thou, Sons Of Anarchy. But he really found his artistic stride when he signed on as the director of Rectify. Critics rave over this show.

Entertainment Weekly said, “It’s all patient plotting, subtle performances, wry humor, symbolic images and plaintive score, adding up to a melancholy drama about guilt, forgiveness, intimacy, grace and memory that is often described as “dreamy” or “like a poem” for lack of more specific words for its elusive beauty.”

In fact, McKinnon won the Peabody Award, which is a prestigious award granted to only the best and most sophisticated  storytelling in electronic media.

McKinnon is from Adel, Georgia – a town similar in size and ideaology to that of the fictional Paulie – so much of what he creates is informed by his own experiences. He is genuine about the South, and he is honest about people.

Here’s McKinnon, and the cast of Rectify, accepting his Peabody award.