Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: “Where Is Josh’s Friend”


Rebecca Bunch is back in season two of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and whether you are team Josh or Team Greg, the premiere reminded us we love Rebecca best.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back and immediately started with Rebecca having to explain herself to Josh Chan rather than realizing he’s pretty terrible. At the end of the first season, Rebecca and Greg ended whatever it was they had together and she ended up sleeping with Josh in a car at his sister’s wedding. And then the new theme song premiered and made us love our sweet little Rebecca so much more.

Josh And Rebecca-ish

The episode begins with a look into Josh and Rebecca’s relationship. Or, well, their kind of relationship. It shows the two sleeping together and then Josh going and sleeping on the couch, proving that he is just really using her for sex and because she’s letting him stay with her for free while he is between apartments.

And much like season one, Paula is a little too involved in Rebecca’s love life. She does speak words of wisdom though. “He’s F-spoliting you,” she said as Rebecca explains her new relationship with Josh and how he’s not just using her for sex and a couch.

And you know that Josh and Rebecca aren’t destined to be together when Paula is off of ship Joshbecca.  But hey, at least Josh got a Lemonade-esque song.

This song shows the one thing about Rebecca that drives us so crazy: her blind love of Josh Chan and how she can’t see how terrible he really is. He doesn’t love her, hell, he might not even like her, and we all see it. We just wish Rebecca saw it too.

And then after Josh talked to Hector, he went back to Rebecca’s to find out she made him the coolest Kingsman-esque drawer ever. Of course Josh took it as Rebecca being crazy but it was really sweet.

Greg Serrano

Greg Serrano is everyone’s favorite guy, or at least that’s what the internet says. He’s amazing and sarcastic and funny and everything Josh Chan isn’t and that’s why we really truly love him. And this episode started with Josh discovering Greg’s Emory sweatshirt in Rebecca’s drawer.

Even in Josh’s nightmare, Greg still is ten times better than him. “Tell Rebecca’s friend Emory she’s never getting her sweatshirt back,” he said in Josh’s dream and it was hilarious. It got to the point where Josh thought that Greg was a falcon.

And then Rebecca went on a rampage to find out where Greg was. After the wedding, Greg had been M.I.A for three weeks and no one would tell Rebecca why.

That is until Greg Serrano is revealed to be getting help for his alcoholism. In a scene that made us love him even more, Greg stood up and gave his story of why he was in AA and it broke our hearts. We learned that Greg drank 10 cocktails at the wedding, threw up and slept in his own vomit, and then got a ticket for drunk driving the next day because he was still drunk from the night before.

And in typical Greg fashion, he was going to just go to the court-mandated AA and then be done with it. But instead he found that he could admit to himself that he had a problem and that he was an alcoholic and continued to get help.

Josh Chan and the Bubble Wrap

Josh refused to continue to live with Rebecca after his dream and now he’s sleeping on bubble wrap in Aloha. The scene isn’t even that important, just proving that maybe Josh needs to go home.

Daryl and Josh are the Best

Daryl is the openly bi-sexual boss of Rebecca and Paula that all of us love unconditionally. And his relationship with white Josh only increases that love because they are adorable. In this episode, we learn that Daryl casually gives white Josh a key to his home and that Josh has a dresser there.

Rebecca of course wants that for herself but it’s so important and amazing for white Josh and Daryl. They worked through so much of their issues and are just existing happily together and it’s great for an audience to see.

Paula The Investigator

Every episode usually has Paula doing some Batman-level investigating to help Rebecca. This episode, she literally traces Greg’s phone to figure out where he is. Yes, it’s for Rebecca to feel better about herself for trying to be with Josh but it’s still important.

The Glitter Feeling

A reoccuring theme in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is comparing what’s terrible for the characters to a feeling of glitter exploding in their chest. For Rebecca, it’s Josh. For Paula, it’s doing terrible things for Rebecca and for Greg, it’s alcohol.

In this episode, Paula and Greg both work on their issues to quench the glitter explosions. Paula tells Rebecca that she will not do illegal shenanigans anymore for Rebecca because she couldn’t handle herself around Rebecca any longer. “I don’t trust myself,” she said as she handed Bunch a contract about their friendships and discovered that she could fill the void of helping Rebecca do crazy things by doing things she’s good at.

With Greg, other than AA, he was working towards bettering himself by not being angry at himself. For Greg, that’s a lot. The entire series was him hating that he didn’t get to go to business school, hating who he was and everything about his life. And now, he was rising above it and being happy for himself.

Josh Using Rebecca…Again

Unsurprisingly, Josh talked to Hector about moving home and then decided that he would rather live with Rebecca and just, essentially, use her to not move home. They have their last “sex heist” and spend the entire night sleeping together and Josh even stays in Rebecca’s bed.

The thing about Josh is that if Rebecca is happy with him then that’s all the matters. But it’s definitely a one-sided relationship and she deserves so much more. Honestly Rebecca deserves the world.


The ending of the episode showed everyone doing what was right for them. Paula was applying for law school, Greg was drinking a soda with his dad, Daryl and white Josh were enjoying a nice dinner together and Rebecca was snuggling Josh.

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The episode proved to us all that this second season will be just as amazing as the first and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us!