47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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5. Look at the Flowers

Well, you can’t have the “Lizzie kills Mika” shocking moment without the “Carol kills Lizzie” shocking moment. Part of me thought this was inevitable, but most of me thought this was taking the show to the next level.

After Lizzie killed her sister, she proved to be a larger threat than anyone thought possible. She was going to kill Judith next, and Lizzie truly believed that Mika would come back as her sister. Her views of walkers put her group in a vulnerable and dangerous position. Something needed to be done. Of course, it was Carol who stepped up to the plate to deal with it. She understood that there was no other option, so Carol takes Lizzie for a walk, tells her to “look at the flowers” and shoots her in the back of the head.

Not only was this a shocking moment, I think this is when Carol officially became Carol. This is the point in the series where fans knew there was no turning back for her. She was a new person and she was going to do anything to could to save herself, and the people she was with.