47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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20. Governor Meets His Match

Michonne is a powerhouse on this show. That’s no surprise. But one of her most shocking moments that prove this fact is her showdown with the Governor.

Michonne didn’t trust him since day 1. She warned Andrea not to stay there (and look what happened with that). But when Michonne sees what the Governor wants to do to her, and the torturous means he wants to use, she thirsts for revenge- and gets it.

He catches Michonne in his office after she discovers he’s been keeping his turned daughter locked up. They begin to fight, and in the process, Michonne kills his daughter. This obviously infuriates the governor. They duke it out, throwing one another around the room. The Governor dunks Michonne’s head into one of the tanks that he keeps walker heads in. The tank falls over and shatters. When the governor has her trapped on the floor, Michonne grabs a piece of glass and plunges it into his eye.

This was a point of revenge for Michonne. This is also when the Governor built up a load of vengeance, itching to get back at Michonne one day. This kick started his spiral towards a dark path of retaliation.