47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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23. Rick vs. Pete

Rick’s compassion for other people, along with his ability to nose his way into anyone’s business, sets him up for disaster quite often. However, it also allows him to help people who need help, but don’t realize it. Killing Pete Anderson (Corey Brill) is one of those moments.

Pete was a toxic man to his community, and to his family. Rick realized this. Him and Pete never saw eye to eye. Pete was jealous of Rick and Jessie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) growing relationship, and Pete took that out on his family. He was abusive, mean, and was winding down a dangerous path.

Pete sought out to get revenge on Rick one night after catching him talking to Jessie. He wants to kill him. He approaches the town gathering, drunkenly yelling that Rick is dangerous to this community. Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter), Deanna’s husband, steps up to calm Pete down but in the process, Pete accidently slits Reg’s throat.

The shocking part about all of this is how quickly Deanna gave the order to kill Pete, and then how instantly Rick killed him. This world is not for the weak, and they don’t play games. One wrong move, and if you’re not killed by a walker, you’re killed by a survivor.