47 Most Shocking Moments from The Walking Dead… So Far

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26. #Richonne

I’ll just say it- I did not see the relationship between Rick and Michonne coming. I thought their friendship was platonic, like brother and sister. I like how they lead together and work off each other, but never did I see a romance brewing. Yet, here we are.

However, I will admit that I absolutely love them together now. I think the two characters, who are both strong leaders, create such a unique dynamic that’s never been seen on television. Their personalities parallel, so instead of one mellowing the other or one strengthening the other, they both are just strong, fierce badasses.

I think this is finally Rick letting his guard down again, which will absolutely change him, and the storyline. It’s hard to defend an entire group when specific people in that group mean more to you. Now he has both Carl and Michonne to worry about.