11 Scary Podcasts for the Spookiest Time of Year

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(Image via Limetown podcast)

7.) Limetown

Done in the style of well-known nonfiction podcasts such as This American Life, Limetown is an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of an entire community full of over three hundred people. Host Lia Haddock (Annie Sage Whitehurst), an intrepid reporter for American Public Radio (a fictional radio network) digs deeper and deeper into the mystery of the doomed scientific colony of Limetown, with unexpected personal consequences.

Limetown has taken cues from true crime podcast Serial, along with fictional properties such as The X-Files. You might even detect a hint of film properties such as Citizen Kane or The Blair Witch Project.

Thought the pilot promises seven episodes in the first series, you actually get six total. There have been vague plans for a second season, but Limetown is currently on indefinite hiatus (though producers have promised to make a second season eventually). The show’s production company, Two-Up Productions, has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster to produce a prequel novel to the podcast series. There have even been talks to take Limetown to the television screen, so watch out for upcoming news on the subject.

Best episode
Start from the beginning. Given that the first season is only a handful of episodes, it’s easy to jump in. It will also make much, much more sense. That said, you’ll be wanting more by the time you finish the sixth and final episode.