11 Scary Podcasts for the Spookiest Time of Year

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10.) Faculty of Horror

Are you really, honestly a horror nerd? Could you spend literal hours discussing the minutiae of horror films and other terrifying fiction? Do you secretly (or not so secretly) wish you could get a college degree in horror studies? Then you should head over to the Faculty of Horror podcast to get your fill of academic discussions of terror.

“Horror journalists and occasional academics” Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West host this regular discussion of the horror genre. For each episode, they provide “extra credit” links and readings for those of you who want a deep dive into their discussion. Of course, you can always dive straight into the show without doing any real homework.

Subissati and West both provide plenty of context about female-focused storylines and horror characters. This is especially satisfying in a genre that is admittedly negligent when it comes to female characters and creators. Women are still definitively a minority in the horror genre (at least on the creative side of things). At best, horror can be unmindful of women’s experiences. At worst, it can be downright misogynistic.

It’s heartening to hear two smart, dedicated female fans dissecting the genre. Check out their episode on the most recent Ghostbusters film, as well as another about the Alien franchise for more intelligent feminist discourse on the horror genre.

Best episode
The Power of Christ Compels You: The Exorcist”. I didn’t realize how much I wanted a feminist reading of this movie until I listened to this episode.