16 Best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs (So Far)

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Screengrab courtesy of The CW: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode ‘I’m Back at Camp with Josh!’

#13: “Dear Joshua Felix Chan”

Full disclosure, I cried the first time I saw this scene. And the next time. And then every time I listened to it on the soundtrack for the first two weeks I owned it. I’m not an outward romantic, but there’s something unbearably heartbreaking about Rebecca so sweetly putting herself out there and being so casually rejected. Perhaps it’s that, as adult Rebecca reads the words she had written to Josh when they were just teens, the innocent desperation of her love becomes even more apparent than usual. Or maybe it’s that, because Rebecca has so adamantly kept her love a secret thus far, Josh can’t possibly know how hurtful his teasing laughter is. Either way, this scene is a turning point in the series. Not just for Rebecca, who realizes how much she actually cares for him, and how painful a real rejection would be. Not just for Josh, who FINALLY starts to see that Rebecca’s interest in him is deeper than just wanting a bud to hang with. But also for the audience, as we suddenly realize just how invested we’ve become in their story, and how much we want Rebecca to get the love and happiness she deserves. Watch (and pretend you’re not tearing up-there’s just something in your eye, dammit!) at your own risk.

Lyric highlight:

“You make a difference in the world…and you make all the difference in the world to me.”