16 Best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs (So Far)

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Screengrab courtesy of The CW: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, episode ‘Josh and I Go To Los Angeles!’

#6: “JAP Battle”

I’ll be honest here: I listened to this song before I ever listened to any of Hamilton, and I was like, “WHY DOES ANYONE NEED HAMILTON WHEN THIS EXISTS?!” Rebecca and her childhood-turned-adulthood nemesis, Audra Levine, face off in a JAP rap battle- that is, a Jewish American Princess battle of wits. The lyrics are sharp, the allusions are brilliant, the performances are hilarious, and the characterizations of these “daughters of privilege” are so spot on, but don’t once make us cross into the ‘can I laugh or is this offensive?’ realm. We learn a bit more here about Rebecca’s past, the New York world of corporate law from which she fled, and her relationship to her background. We also get to see the nightmarish cutthroat type A woman Rebecca’s mother had always wished she’d grow up to be, and we’re so thankful for the goofy messy wacko she became instead. This number is a perfect way for the two lawyers to duke it out, and the explicit version (below) features some shocking digs that are so funny, you’ll wish they could’ve been aired to the masses. Seriously, I get it, but maybe rethink that Hamilton obsession. This is the GOOD stuff.

Lyric highlight:

“You want to get salty like the Dead Sea? Word, but call off this suit or you’re dead, c-word.”