New Rogue One Posters Reveal the Plans for the Death Star


The Star Wars Twitter account gave us new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story posters of each character in, shall we say, a new light.

We’re two months away from Rogue One, a film that could potentially undo the success of The Force Awakens. Disney is already two steps behind because of the media debacle involving the re-shoots. But there’s no need to worry now, because it looks like they’ve got all their ducks in a row. The latest trailer altered the tone of the movie and centered the focus on the entire rebel team.

Now, to keep the momentum going, the official Star Wars Twitter account released new photos of the rebel team with short descriptions of each character. Let’s check them out:

First, Jyn Erso. Apparently, she has a checkered past. Obviously, this means her father created the Death Star and left her on her own, right? Most likely, she had no other choice but to start a life of thievery. She’s like the space-equivalent of Aladdin.

Then, we have Cassian Andor for added respresentation. He’s an intelligence officer, which is great, I guess. How come everyone’s whining about having another female lead with brown hair, but no one’s upset about the Hispanic with brown hair and stubble? Look, Poe and Cassian have a lot in common, just saying.

Our third poster includes the Ip Man as Chirrut Imwe. I think this character is going to be awesome. Also, be prepared to marvel at all the things he does in the film while also thinking “Wait, I thought he was blind.” While, yes, that’s true, don’t forget he’s probably using the Force. Maybe he believes in the Force out of necessity! Plot twist!

After Chirrut, there’s Baze Malbus. Apparently, Star Wars doesn’t want to give away any juicy details here. All they called him was soldier and friend.

Next, Bohdi Rook: Defector. I hope this movie does good for Riz Ahmed and I hope he gets all the parts in the future.

Similar to Bodhi, we have K-2SO. Instead of willingly leaving the Empire, he was reprogrammed by Cassian. Now, K2 serves and protects him. With sass.

Then, our second to last is Saw Gerrera. He wants to win the fight … and so does everyone else. Like, I can see which characters will be the most developed in the movie.

Finally, the last poster includes Director Krennic. Because we don’t see the character in the original trilogies, it’s safe to assume he dies at the end of the film, right? Honestly, I hope Vader kills him.

The greatest thing about these posters isn’t the characters or descriptions. Unfortunately, it’s also not my commentary. No, the greatest thing about these posters is the design of the Death Star plans on their faces. Disney must really like those aqua color tones.

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Quick, whoever finds the critical design flaw on their faces first wins an internet high-five.

Rogue One hits theaters on December 16, 2016.