Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 3 Emily Blunt Recap


Saturday Night Live is a staple of the American comedy world and Emily Blunt took over the mantle as host with musical guest Bruno Mars.

Saturday Night Live has been struggling for the last few seasons to regain that SNL feel we love. This season though, it seems like the SNL we know and love is slowly making a comeback for the ages.

This episode had its dull moments but it truly felt like the Saturday Night Live episodes of old. There were topic jokes and great sketches. It’s as if the writers have finally found what we love about the show.

They figured it out for themselves and are bringing out their best work for the show and it’s everything we’ve been longing for.

The Cold Open

The cold open tackled the second Presidential debate and did everything we wanted it to. Covering how absolutely bizarre the debate itself was, it even included a Donald Trump as the shark from Jaws. 

“That is a great question Denzel about the inner cities.” Then it got a little dark. Talking about Trump’s racism took a turn that the audience was lukewarm about. Joking about the things he would say isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

But then of course there was your Ken Bone ode to and a couple other little jokes before we heard the famed “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

Opening Monologue

The trend with musically talented show hosts is that they sing their way through the opening monologue. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt did just that.

She sang “Get Happy” to make everyone forget about how terrible the news has been. She brought out puppies and gave people cookies and a massage and even had their moms there in the end.

It was cute for what it was, just an easy monologue working with something the host is good at. It helps that they had another guest who is a known singer.


At first, this one started a little strangely but then continued into hilarious. Leslie Jones and Emily Blunt took over being the world’s worst escorts.

It was just a continual line of insanity to the point where Emily Blunt broke and put a lampshade on her head. Her character also needed to drink milk to make sure she was functioning and alive. It was insane but also a pretty well constructed and funny sketch.


Honestly, this was genius. It includes all the women in Trump’s life and how if he doesn’t watch, they’ll all leave him if he doesn’t wise up.

And that of course leads all of them singing “Sorry” from Beyonce’s Lemonade. A sketch that could have been very easily cheesy worked absolutely beautifully.

“I wrote that all by myself,” Melania said in the end and again, gave just the perfect dig at Melania Trump’s plagiarism past.

Short Film

Tackling short films and film festivals, Qua just looks at a two second movie and forces one girl to ask multiple questions. It goes through all the typical film festival question and answer session. This one though, doesn’t make any sense.

The best part of the entire sketch was when everyone went down the line and explained what everyone was doing next. Everyone said nothing and some explained personal things they were doing that day. But then they got to Emily Blunt.

And it was great because Emily Blunt was revealed to be playing none other than Emily Blunt. When asked what she was doing next, she says “I’m starring in Girl On The Train.”


Every girl knows the struggle of buying clothes. You feel confident and like you look great but then you see what size you’re wearing or you look in the mirror and hate what you see. Well, that’s not the case with the girls in Chonk.

The sketch starts out empowering the women in it and slowly reveals that the store believes all women are chonks and that they should feel badly about themselves while getting clothes. It was funny and pretty good and then it went to the guys store.

Going to the men’s store called Normal Clothes was a brilliant move and it ended up being the funniest part of the show sketch.

Bruno Mars

Both of Bruno Mars’ performances were everything we love about the performer. They were action packed with dance and energy. They also were great songs to dance to and Bruno made sure to deliver.

Though he sang his new songs and they’re not as well known as his other work, that didn’t change his performance at all. He was still just as amazing as he usually is on SNL and brought all the energy and showmanship we know and love from him.

Weekend Update

This week’s Weekend Update took on Donald Trump’s sexual assault allegations. It was a little dicey at times and Olya Povlatsky ended up showing up. She had to though, to talk about how Russia and United State could end up in a war against each other.

Against last week’s Weekend Update, this one paled a little bit but brought out Laura Parson who made the most jokes in the entire Weekend Update.

Burger King

This sketch was just strange. It went down as a car with a bunch crazy characters about what they wanted to eat. Each character had their own window to go through. They had to try and order but just said the next character knew what they all wanted to eat.

And that was it. It made absolutely no sense, but it was fun because the end of the sketch had Bruno Mars in the car and he made the employees get into the car with them all.

The Sink

Ever want to know the inner monologue of your sink? Well, Saturday Night Live gives it to you. The sink longs to be smaller and lovely, but she doesn’t get her desire. She’s a statement piece after all.

It was short and sweet and to the point, but it was fun to listen to something that is a weirdly common comedy trope. It was an easy filler sketch before a commercial break but it was pretty funny.

Honda Robotics

It’s always a funny moment when Kate McKinnon ends up breaking. Emily Blunt’s robot character got so close to her and continued to ask her about a quesadilla and it ended up breaking the SNL favorite.

The entire sketch was centered around robotic shows that seem to continually to pop up and always have problems. Yes, these robots were broken and crazy, but it was fun to watch SNL’s take on the robotic movement.

Even if the robots didn’t work if your phone was on.

Melania Moments

The “Melania Moments” series follows the potential First Lady and her every day thoughts. They’re funny because they’re absolutely outlandish but hey, what do we know about Melania anyway?

This one focuses on her longing to be able to switch places with her maid who looks slightly like her. She wishes that her housekeeper could take her place and then she wouldn’t have to be Melania anymore.

It’s funny and a little strange, but that’s what we love about the “Melania Moments” that we continue to get!

Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off has taken over the world and Americans are falling in love with this sweet British show. SNL decided to take on this lovely show by creating two women who clearly did not want to be on the show.

The two wanted to be on Big Brother but they ended up failing the psych exam so they go onto the Great British Bake Off for the money. When they realize there’s no cash prize, they take Mary Berry out to get her drunk.

It was cute and topical, but it wasn’t the best sketch of the night. It simply took something easy and made it a little funny.


Reminiscent of the romance dramas of old, the sketch follows four hamsters forced into a cage together and having to live with one another. It is just as insane as it sounds. It’s full of strange analogies and two hamsters drinking martinis.

There is a boy looking at his pets talking about how he thinks that there is tension between the new hamsters. It’s later discovered that he can, in fact, hear everything the hamsters are saying and his plan was to get a dog instead anyway.

The Show As A Whole

This Saturday Night Live had a strange energy. The sketches weren’t terrible, but it felt like the show just wasn’t as high energy as its musical guest seemed to be.

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Still though, we got some great sketches out of the episode and we got to see Emily Blunt shine as the host. And honestly, Emily Blunt can do no wrong.