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Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) in Jane the Virgin, Screencap via The CW

Jane Villanueva – Jane the Virgin

Why She’s Awesome:  Before Gina Rodriguez landed her breakout role as the titular Jane in Jane the Virgin, she turned down a lot of auditions.  Why?  Because they represented harmful stereotypes of Latinas.  Whether she was asked to play a maid or a sidekick described as “spicy,” she didn’t feel comfortable taking a job that would use her heritage against her.

And then, thankfully, Jane the Virgin came along.  Jane is a writer, student, and waitress who gets caught up in drama when she is accidentally artificially inseminated.  I don’t think anyone could say she is “spicy,” but she is sweet, practical, fierce, and dedicated.  And from the telenovela-like structure to its seamlessly interwoven Spanish, the show celebrates Jane’s hispanic heritage, rather than diminishing her for it.  That’s not to mention its positive treatment of women in general; each female character, even the villainous ones, is depicted complexly.  And that’s exactly why it’s so brilliant.

What You’ll Need:  Jane loves colorful, summer-y dresses that mimic her bright personality.  Try a floral sundress that cinches the waist.  If you’re crafty, you can even try to imitate her Marbella waitress uniform!  Find a dark blue halter dress, green adhesive felt or fabric, and a chunky fake-diamond necklace, and whip it up into a recreation!  A subtle crucifix necklace will drive home her Catholic faith, and her effortlessly beachy black waves will finish off the look.

Next Level Move:  Pregnant Jane, obviously!  Choose a dress with room for your belly, then try out some different fake-pregnancy methods!  My suggestion is to utilize tights – you know, the ones that go all the way up to your boobs?  Then, whatever you stuff in there – pillows, cotton batting, etc. – will stay put.  For an extra identifying touch, carry around a crushed flower, to symbolize Alba’s virginity metaphor.