30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Misty in Pokemon, Screencap via TV Tokyo

Misty – Pokémon

Why She’s Awesome: The resurgence of the Pokémon franchise with Pokémon Go has been a nostalgic treat for ‘90s kids. But back when Pokémon was originally coming to prominence, young girls had Misty to look up to. Misty travels with Ash and Brock, training to become the greatest Water Pokemon trainer. But unlike other anime works, whose female characters often follow strict stereotypes, Misty was presented as a complex character. She has a nurturing side, but she is also hotheaded. She doesn’t fit a prescribed ideal of femininity, but she also isn’t boyish or butch. Misty represented how girls can be many things at once, which challenged the stereotypes of the genre and inspired girls worldwide.

Misty with her Togepi, Screencap via Tokyo TV

What You’ll Need: Unlike many other anime women, Misty’s outfit is casual and not sexualized. Start with two basics you may already have – a yellow tank, possibly slightly cropped, and denim shorts. Her red suspenders are necessary – they can either be bought or made cheaply with thick red ribbon. Red sneakers are about all you need to complete this simple look! And of course, we can’t forget her hair. If you don’t have red hair already, utilize a cheap wig or temporary hair dye to achieve her iconic orange side pony.

Next Level Move: If the addition of a homemade Pokéball is too basic for you, try making Misty’s Togepi! Misty’s Togepi is from the Pokémon deep cuts; she is present at the hatching of the cute Pokémon and decides to keep it as a pet and carry it with her. The little spiky guy can be easily made with papier-mâché, or even a Styrofoam ball. Just attach some paper cones to a round shape for the arms, legs, and spikes. Then paint on the Togepi’s face and the red and blue pattern on its little eggshell. Carry it with you for an instant nerd-dom level-up!