30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in Veep, Screencap via HBO

Selina Meyer – Veep

Why She’s Awesome: Selina Meyer, played by the incomparable Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is the fictional first female Vice President and eventual short-term President, as well as just an all-around banger of a character. The whole point of the show Veep is that Selina is not necessarily likable. In fact, she often runs a Machiavellian office in which she uses her intelligence and cunning to get to where she most wants to be. But that is exactly what makes her so badass – her cutthroat nature, her dependency on her staff, and her unmatched one-liners.

What You’ll Need: As a politician, VP Meyer prefers the colorful, professional dress to the pantsuit look. Take a gander in your closet and see if you can find a dress that you might wear for graduation dinner with your grandparents – with a bright, solid color and a modest, CNN-safe neckline. Basically, if it looks like Michelle Obama could rock it, it’ll work for Selina. JLD’s short black hair might require a cheap wig, if you don’t have that look. Wrap it all up with some sensible heels and maybe a pearl necklace. Oh, don’t forget the American flag pin!

Next Level Move: If you’ve got a guy friend looking for an easy costume, bring him along as your “bag man”! Gary is Selina’s lifeline, or, as he puts it, her “Wilson the volleyball.” He’s constantly following her around to whisper pertinent information in her ear. All you’ll need for your own bag man is a suit and tie, some dress shoes, and a leather shoulder bag or briefcase, for tissues, ibuprofen, yogurt, and all your other needs as Veep. Bonus points if he can rock Tony Hale’s close-shaven head!