30 DIY Halloween Costumes For Empowered Ladies

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Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) in Zootopia, Screencap via Disney

Judy Hopps – Zootopia

Judy Hopps, Promotional Image via Disney

Why She’s Awesome: There’s a lot to love about Disney’s Zootopia – the concept, the adorable animals, the abundant social commentary. But Judy Hopps is hands-down the best part. A small-town bunny, Judy always dreamed of being a police officer, which is traditionally a “predator” job (#patriarchyallegory). But she ends up graduating at the top of her class at the police academy, thanks to her hard work. However, on her first day of work she gets assigned to distribute parking tickets. A highly competent woman being overlooked and undervalued by her male colleagues? Sound familiar? Throughout the movie, despite her setbacks, Judy proves her worth by using her courage and dedication to crack a major case. Judy is smart, optimistic, and never gives up – just the kind of bunny young girls can look up to!

What You’ll Need: Judy’s police uniform is crucial. You can buy one of those packaged costumes or make your own with navy dress pants and a blue button-down. Buy a plastic police badge, or make one out of felt, and include a chunky utility belt for all of Judy’s policing essentials. For the ‘bunny’ part of the costume, buy some cheap, gray bunny ears, and use cotton batting for her tail. If you can find a police hat that will fit with your bunny ears, go for it!

Next Level Move: If you prove the extent of your Disney fandom and go further, try Meter Maid Judy! To embody the underutilized but optimistic version of Judy, make her “meter maid” vest from a thrifted orange shirt and bright yellow duct tape. Then carry around a pad of “parking tickets” to distribute for various party foul violations. Viola! You have a way more unique Disney costume than any of the little mermaids out there!