21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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20. VIXX

Before we get any further, yes, you read VIXX as “Vicks,” like that stuff you rub on your chest when your congested. For even more confusion, it’s also an acronym for “Value In Excelsis,” and if you’re saying “but wait, that doesn’t work,” stop thinking now for the sake of your brain. It’s also a group that had its members chosen by a reality show, MyDol. Fun, right?

The description of the above video calls their concept “upgraded ‘horror sexy,'” and somehow, that description actually works. Generally, if you watch a VIXX video, expect intriguing and usually dark visuals and a story being told. However, this group really, really commits to concepts.

This year, the group’s released two mini albums as part of a greater trilogy; “Fantasy” comes as the title track from the second portion, Hades. They also released Zelos, with a lead track called “Dynamite,” earlier this year. (If “Fantasy” isn’t your cup of tea, “Dynamite” might be instead.) Yes, this group is releasing albums inspired by Greek mythology.

VIXX debuted in 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment and has six members. It also has a subgroup, VIXX LR, consisting of two members: Leo, primarily a vocalist, and Ravi, the group’s rapper. They released “Beautiful Liar” in 2015.

Other songs to check out include “Chained Up“, “hyde” (yes, part of a “Jekyll and Hyde” concept), and “Voodoo Doll“.