21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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3. Super Junior

Really, we should have put the legendary “Sorry, Sorry” video up there. Seriously, there’s a decent chance your favorite group has done a version of that song at some point. It’s just that famous and has been since it dropped in 2009.

Super Junior as a group, however, dates back to 2005 for SM Entertainment. If you thought that other mentions of members leaving were complicated, check this out: SJ has had one member leave after years of hiatus; one member leave after alleging mistreatment; and two members who aren’t actually members of the main group at all, just subgroup Super Junior M. Officially, therefore, the group has 11 members, started with 13, and has 2 additional members.

Said not-quite members, Henry and Zhou Mi, have also done solo work, as have main members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, and Donghae and Eunhyuk (as a pair). Super Junior also has the aforementioned subgroup Super Junior M, Super Junior T, Super Junior H, and Super Junior K.R.Y. Furthermore, another member, Heechul, forms one half of the group M&D.

SM Entertainment has even given the group its own sub-label, Label SJ.

Alongside “Devil” and “Sorry, Sorry”, try “Sexy, Free & Single“, which throws in some house influences; “Bonamana“, whose album of the same name ended up outselling Sorry, Sorry; and “Mamacita“, which shows off the group’s silly side with a new jack swing track as accompaniment.